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Due to its unusual story, "Hero must die. again" includes game mechanics not found in ordinary RPGs.

The hero defeats the demon lord, but loses his own life.
The game starts here.
The hero is revived, but gradually grows weaker as his remaining time runs out.
Death comes again on the sixth day.
A wide variety of people come to the funeral and offer their eulogies.
You are taken back to the "first day" when the hero was revived.
The player repeats this five-day period.

With “Hero must die. again”, several new features have been added.

▶【Additional scenarios by Shoji Masuda】
Some additional scenarios, newly written by Shoji Masuda, have been added. After the hero's death, what will result from the choices he made? It is now possible to find out what happens in the story beyond this point.

▶【New main themes and musics by Kenji Ito】
The story is embellished with new BGMs, including the new main theme “Reincarnation” by Kenji Ito.

▶【Gallery mode】
You can now check the characters, monsters, weapons, and music you have unlocked ingame.
Enjoy trying to find and complete all the characters and weapons!

▶【Gallery Icon】
※Unachieved is grayed out

Appears on characters who have joined you.
Met your feelings (for heroine)
Appears on a character who confesses her feelings for the hero,
or returns the hero's confession.
Completed the quest
Displayed when the corresponding character main quest is cleared.
Completed the quest
Displayed when the corresponding character another quest is cleared.
Defeated (for enemy)
Appears on enemies who have been defeated.
Obtained (for items)
Appears on items you have obtained.
Not applicable
This is displayed when the icon is not relevant.

▶【Updates to combat and repeat play for a more enjoyable experience】
Combat now features “Simple Combat”, which will just skip any battle where the hero is sure to win and give you the spoils. Also, you can now select “Auto” during combat to let the game select the action automatically for fast combat. A "fast-forward function" has been implemented that allows you to skip scenes when playing the second time around, make it more enjoyable to play.